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The "Diamond" rank is the highest purchasable rank on our Minecraft server and is designed for our most dedicated players who want to take their gameplay experience to the ultimate level. With the "Diamond" rank, you'll receive the most benefits out of all the ranks and will become a VIP player on our server.

As a VIP player with the "Diamond" rank, you'll receive a huge amount of in-game currency, which will make it incredibly easy to purchase anything you need in the game. In addition, you'll have access to a range of powerful features, including the coveted /fly command that lets you soar through the game world with ease. You'll also be able to set an unlimited number of homes, which is incredibly helpful for quickly teleporting to different locations.

In addition to these powerful features, the "Diamond" rank provides access to a range of other advanced commands, such as /heal and /feed, which can help you stay healthy and well-fed during your adventures. You'll also have access to a range of exclusive cosmetic items, including unique particles, pets, and titles that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, the "Diamond" rank is designed for players who want to support our server to the maximum and who want to get the most out of their gameplay experience. With the "Diamond" rank, you'll have access to a wide range of advanced features that will help you explore the game world in style and make progress in your adventures faster than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a VIP player on our server and take your gameplay experience to the next level!



  • /diamond - access to an exclusive Diamond rank mine!
  • /plot auto - access to one plot
  • /vault - access to 20 secure virtual chest (1080 slots)
  • /autosell - automatically smelt and sell everything you mine to ingots!
  • /trails - access to pickaxe effects, which are displayed when you mine
  • /back - teleport back to your previous location
  • /deatheffects - select an animation amongst 50+ effects, which will be shown every time you die
  • /pp gui - player particles which can be displayed at all times, customize them however you want to!
  • /sethome - set up to 10 personal homes you can teleport to
  • /enderchest - opens your enderchest
  • /condense - convert your items into blocks
  • /near - see which players are nearest you right now!
  • /nick - change your own username (color formatting included)
  • /chat textcolor - set your default color for new chat messages
  • /chat colors - you can write colorful messages with color codes
  • /itemrename - rename the item you are holding (color codes can be used)
  • /backpack - six rows in your backpack, stuff is placed here inventory is full
  • /workbench - opens an virtual workbench for crafting
  • /anvil - opens an virtual anvil for repairing
  • /repair - repairs the tool in your hand
  • /ptime - change the time for yourself
  • /pweather - change the weather for yourself
  • /hat - make the item or block you are holding into a hat
  • /friends add (player) - you can add up to 20 friends on your list
  • Join the server even when it's full
  • Bypass the command cooldown

Weekly Kit

  • 1 Diamond Sword [Sharpness 5 - Unbreaking 5]
  • 1 Diamond Pickaxe [Efficiency 10 - Layer 15]
  • 1 Diamond Helmet [Protection 5 - Unbreaking 5]
  • 1 Diamond Chestplate [Protection 5 - Unbreaking 5]
  • 1 Diamond Leggings [Protection 5 - Unbreaking 5]
  • 1 Diamond Boots [Protection 5 - Unbreaking 5]
  • 10 OP Apples
  • 64 Gold Apples
  • 128 Exp Bottles