Name: BOSS
Price: 89.99 USD

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As the highest donor rank, you have ascended to the upper echelons of criminal mastery, with unparalleled privileges and advantages.

As a "Boss," you hold absolute dominion over the game world, with access to all the privileges of the "Smuggler," "Kingpin," and "Crime Lord" ranks. You can freely navigate the server, outwit your enemies, and amass your wealth without hindrance.

The "Boss" kit is a formidable arsenal of tools, weapons, and resources that will aid you in your criminal escapades. With this kit, you'll be well-equipped to outsmart your enemies and stay ahead of the competition, further solidifying your status as the unrivaled leader of the criminal underworld.

With up to 15 secure personal vaults at your disposal, you have an unprecedented amount of space to safeguard your valuable loot and possessions. These vaults are impervious to prying eyes, ensuring the utmost security for your ill-gotten gains.

But that's not all – as a "Boss," you also have the ability to create your very own plot, where you can build whatever your heart desires. This plot is your canvas to express your creativity, style, and grandeur, making your mark on the game world like no other.

In addition to your personal vaults and plot, you also gain access to the fly command, allowing you to effortlessly soar through the skies, surveying your domain from above. You can traverse the game world with unparalleled freedom, moving swiftly and effortlessly in pursuit of your criminal endeavors.

Furthermore, as a "Boss," you have the unique ability to use pets to aid you in your criminal exploits. 

As the ultimate authority in the Robbers server, you are the true boss of the criminal underworld. Your power and influence are unmatched, and your reign is supreme. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and you must use your privileges wisely and strategically to maintain your status as the reigning "Boss" of our server.



  • /vaults - Access to 15 secure virtual vaults.
  • /near - See players within a 200 block radius.
  • /disposal - Quickly throw away unwanted trash.
  • /nick - Change the format and color of your nickname.
  • /ah sell [price] - List up to 10 items in the auction house.
  • /fly - Soar around in the skies.
  • /pets - Get yourself a companion.


    Boss Kit
    • 1 Diamond Sword [Sharpness 4]
    • 1 Baton [Knockback 2]
    • 1 Netherite Helmet [Protection 4 - Unbreaking 10]
    • 1 Netherite Chestplate [Protection 4 - Unbreaking 10]
    • 1 Netherite Leggings [Protection 4 - Unbreaking 10]
    • 1 Netherite Boots [Protection 4 - Unbreaking 10]
    • 30 Golden Apples

Kit cooldown: 5 minutes